I longed for a space where I could process the previous year and welcome whatever was next. Lorraine, Joanna, and Zachary provided me just the space I needed, as well as something I had not considered: a community with which to engage. 

Together we shared work, laughter, conversation, and quiet. They welcomed my big questions, and asked many in return. They accepted me as I was, but challenged me with new thoughts and ideas. Participating in their daily life exposed me to the possibility of alternative lifestyles. I woke each morning eager to jump into the day's work, and each day surprised me with something new to learn. During my two-week stay I participated in a variety of activities, including: milking goats, sexing and weighing newborn rabbits, harvesting vegetables, weeding the garden, turning compost, foraging for apples and berries, pressing cider, making cheese, drying and canning tomatoes, planting garlic, and feeding animals.

         I am currently working on an orchard and recently accepted a position through the winter. The possibility of continuing to work in agriculture excites me. I find myself at yet another turning point, and the direction in which I am now traveling is in large part thanks to St. Francis Farm. Not only will I remember my stay for all the learning and hands-on experience, but also for the laughter and stories shared, for the peaceful, misty mornings, for the nights spent stargazing, and for a place that left me feeling full and rejuvenated. I hope to return soon!

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